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What matters is this; Doctor, don’t travel alone.


…or not at all.

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Amy, please, just come back into the TARDIS. Come along Pond, please.

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27/? portraits from 7th series of Doctor Who

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Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill - EW Comic-Con Portrait

Setting our previous post of this ‘private’ and reblogging from the BBC America blog. Because of reasons.

Also: are you following the BBC America Tumblr yet?


Here’s the very first photo of Matt, Arthur, and Karen on set and in costume for Doctor Who Series 7!

Click the pic above to confirm their adorableness in high res.

There will be more Behind-the-Scenes from Doctor Who in the coming weeks thanks to the fine folks in Cardiff, so follow Doctor Who Official on Tumblr if you care about these things. If you don’t, we’ll assume that you’re probably a Cyberman and that you hate things like goodness and puppies.